Weight Loss Drinks

It is not just what you eat. What you drink also has a direct impact on your health and weight. This article is for Awareness on Weight Loss Drinks to take maximum advantage.

Obesity is one of the greatest problems today. Unhealthy eating and drinking patterns cause overweight and obesity. A survey published in the National Center for Health Statistics (CDC) confirms it. According to the CDC survey, 71.6 % of the United States adults aged 20 and above are overweight or obese. This is no good news.

So, our biggest question would be how to get back to the right weight? Unfortunately, there are no short cut methods to lose weight. But there are easy ways to lose weight if only put into practice.

The one and the only way to get back to the right weight is changing your lifestyle. Meaning, change your eating and drinking patterns and increase physical activities.

Weight loss experts say, managing diet and increasing physical activities are critical.

So many types of drinks can make you gain weight. You have to know what drinks you have to avoid. Same time you need to know what drinks that support weight loss.

Weight Loss Drinks

Let us now understand what are weight loss drinks. There are many. Here we are listing out here the main ones for you. Remember to drink these drinks and make it part of your daily healthy diet. You will be happy to see the results if you follow it correctly. It is not just a weight loss effort, but also good for your better, active healthy living.

Just a few words about weight loss before we continuing with a list of weight loss drinks. The process of losing weight is restricting the daily intake of calories. Keeping away from high-calorie foods and drinks.

If you reduce more calorie intake it will pave way for losing weight. When there is short of energy (calories), your system begins to look for calories. It covert the stored fats in your body into energy. The energy consumed against your body normal functions and your physical activities. So you lose fat and so you lose weight.

You can use our BMR calculator for checking whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

Now let us continue with the top weight loss drinks.

1. The prime Weight Loss Drink – Water

Placing the Water at the top of our list. As you know water is one essential thing for all the normal functions of our entire body. You may ask how water can help in weight loss?

Water is just water. It has zero calories in it. So, whenever you feel thirsty drink water. Avoid soft drinks or any of that sort. Soft drinks have a huge amount of calories in it. They are simple carbohydrates and are bad for health. It adds fat to our bodies.

Drinking water makes you feel full. It is not just that. It provides physiologic processes, metabolic processes, and detoxification of toxins benefits.

CDC highly recommends drinking more water and emphasizes on avoiding caloric beverages.

For example, If you add up your daily intake of:

  • a medium cafe latte – to start your day (265 calories)
  • a nondiet coco-cola – with a lunchtime combo meal (227 calories)
  • a sweetened lemon ice tea – for an afternoon break from a vending machine (180 calories)
  • a glass of nondiet ginger ale – along with dinner (124 calories)

It totals up to 796 calories. If you replace all or part of it with water imagine how much of calorie intake you can simply cut down.

A study was conducted on 73 overweight premenopausal women, aged between 25 to 50 years for 12 months. The results were so positive on weight loss. The relative increase in drinking water produced a loss of weight and fat in women.

The main reasons for water supporting weight loss are:

  • it is a natural appetite suppressant
  • promotes calorie burning
  • removes waste from the body
  • restricts fluids calorie intake
  • water is a necessity to burn fat in the body
  • supports physical activities such as exercises

How much water should you drink a day?

There is no clear cut formula, how much water one should consume in a day. It is always good to drink a good amount of water every day. Drink a decent amount of water at intervals during the day.

Here are the recommendations from the National Institute of Medicine on how much water you should drink.

Women: 2.7 liters (91 ounces) of water, total in all forms including beverages and foods in a day
Men: 3.7 liters (125 ounces) of water, total in all forms including beverages and foods in a day

So, drink water, feel full, feel healthy, lose weight and be happy that you are now into a healthy lifestyle.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Drink

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar are no secret. It also plays a good role as a weight loss drink.

A study from the Journal of Foundation Foods proves that Apple Cider Vinegar aid in weight loss. People who took apple cider vinegar in their diet experienced more loss of weight compared to people without it. Also, a significant drop in bad cholesterol levels in the blood in them.

The key component is the acetic acid of ACV that made the difference. Acetic acid is effective in (1, 2):

  • improving metabolism
  • balancing insulin levels in the blood
  • suppressing appetite for food
  • burning fat

Further study shows that apple cider vinegar slows down the digestion process. Meaning it takes a longer time to empty the stomach. This is turn makes you feel full in the stomach for a longer period. Therefore you tend to eat less. This is good for weight loss.

The North African culture uses apple cider vinegar for weight loss for generations. Also, the bodybuilders do the same when they want to reduce their weight (3)

Precautions: Take a bit of care when drinking apple cider. It can erode your teeth because of acidity. Remember to thoroughly rinse your mouth every time you drink apple cider vinegar (3).

3. Weight Loss Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has been in use for ages for good health reasons. It is rich with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. Green tea also regarded as a great weight loss drink.

There are so many studies to support that drinking green tea helps weight loss. Drinking green tea aids in lowering body fat and weight.

Choose the right green tea is important. It should be rich in catechin and antioxidants to obtain a maximum effect on losing weight. The catechins and antioxidants boost metabolism. It stimulates the burning of body fat (4).

Matcha green tea powder has higher health benefits according to PubMed. It is the tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies. A study reveals that catechins from green tea very effective in reducing body weight (5,6).

Generic advice is to drink matcha tea moderately. The same rule applies, anything over the limit not good. Same for matcha green tea.

Two ways to make matcha green tea. You can make thinner or concentrated matcha tea according to your preferences:

Thinner matcha tea – add half teaspoons of matcha tea powder into 4 ounces of hot water.
Concentrated matcha tea – add 2 teaspoons of matcha tea powder into one ounce of hot water.

4. Weight Loss by Drinking Coffee

Coffee is magical among people of the corporate world because of its power. It boosts people’s energy levels and makes them feel good at home, work and at their outings.

This magic is done by substance caffeine present in the coffee. Caffeine is the main stimulant in the coffee. Caffeine behaves like a tonic to provide extra energy. This behavior of caffeine indirectly helps weight loss. The caffeine effect reduced the need for more intake of food for energy. Hence, your calorie intake is cut.

Apart from that, caffeine also plays with our nervous system. It stimulates the nervous system and sends direct signals to fat cells in our body. It breaks down the fat and converts into energy. Then the body uses the energy its normal functions and physical activities.

This process of burning fat makes you eventually to lose weight. A study was carried out in 2010. Measuring induced effects caffeine on 10 volunteered healthy people. It was found significant fat oxidation in those 10 people.

On the other side, people may become tolerant of caffeine over time. In that case, drinking coffee, in the long run, may not have much impact on weight loss (7).

Drink coffee instead of other sugar-rich (high calorie) beverages. It helps to restrict gaining weight. Plain or black coffee is the best. One cup of black coffee has just 2 calories of energy. It does not contain any fat at all.

Drinking coffee in moderation is good for your health. 400 milligrams or less coffee intake per day is considered a safe quantity for consumption (8).

Drink coffee for weight loss in moderation for a greater effect.

5. Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

Ginger is a low-calorie super spice with enormous health benefits. It is rich with bioactive compounds and powerful nutrients. It is used traditionally treating conditions like arthritis, nausea, and the common cold.

This spice has fat-burning properties in it. It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure (9).

Ginger does increase the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). It has high relevance to weight management (10)

A study supports the intake of ginger increases the thermogenesis. Reducing the appetite for eating more and has potential use in weight management.

How to prepare Weight Loss Ginger Tea

Preparing a ginger tea drink to support weight loss is very much easy. Just pick up the following ingredients:

  • 2-inch long ginger root
  • a glass of water (250 ml)
  • little honey

Peel the ginger and grate it to tiny pieces. Add the grated ginger into the boiling water. Simmer it for about 5 minutes. After that strain the solution and add little honey for taste. Drink the ginger tea when it is warm.

Always drink ginger tea in moderation and not to go overboard. This helps in avoiding unnecessary side effects such as heartburn, gas, and diarrhea.

High Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Why Protein Shakes are being discussed so much when it comes to weight loss? It is because they are high in protein and contain a very small amount of carbs and fat.

Protein shakes are primarily used by bodybuilders, athletes after a workout. This is to nourish them with lost calories. Intake of protein gets you back the energy you need. Carbs (simple carbs) drinks too, make you energized. But it may end up in fat in your body paving way for gaining weight.

If you are overweight or obese best for you is to replace your drinks with protein shakes. In the long run, your system begins to break down the fat in your body and converts it into energy. High protein beverages make you also, feel full and reduces your appetite to eat more (11).

Protein Shakes Powders

Protein shakes powders are made from protein-rich foods such as whey, milk, casein, soy, egg, oat and rice. The most common protein powders are made from whey and casein. Interestingly casein and whey are produced from the milk.

If you are a vegan then protein shakes made from whey and casein are not right for you. Choose the protein shakes powder made from soy. Soy is 100 % protein.

These days you can buy ready-made protein shakes in liquid form in the supermarkets. Protein shakes powder produced by GNC and Shark Tank are popular. Whatever! Before buying protein shakes check the labels. See there are no harmful ingredients or too much sugar present in it.

Protein Enrichment of Meal Replacements

A trial and a study in 2008 explains on protein enrichment of meal replacements. It has a significant effect on weight loss. Meal replacement protein shakes is a good strategy to combat obesity. The main reason is being the simplicity of use and putting into practice (12)

About 100 Obese men and women were chosen for the study. They have been put on a high protein (HP) and a standard protein (SP) diet for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, the readings showed both group’s BMI went much lower. Meanwhile, the HP group lost more fat weight compared to the SP group. The HP group also showed a notable decrease in cholesterol which not in the case of the SP group (13).

Once again, keep your protein shakes intake at a moderate level. Do not take proteins more than for the required energy levels. It can affect weight loss expectations.

Vegetable Juice effect on Weight Loss

Another way of contributing to weight loss is by increasing vegetable juice consumption. Though fruit juice is healthy it can make you gain weight because they are high in sugar. So, the best choice for overweight and obese people is to drink more of vegetable juice to lose weight (14). Furthermore, vegetables are high in fiber and really good for your digestive health.

The main objective of any weight loss program is to reduce carbs intake. In a study, one of the groups was put on a low-sodium vegetable juice diet. Eventually, this made their intake of carbs to minimal. It proved to be true that they lost more weight compared to other groups.

So focus on taking low-calorie vegetable juice. It will make you increase your vegetable juice intake which is good for losing more weight.

Drinks to Avoid

Calorie beverages do not make you feel full and make wanting to drink more. The Beverages Panel discourages the consumption of beverages high in calories.

Sweetened Soft Drinks

These are full of calories with less or no nutrients. Sweetened soft drinks fall into the category of simple carbs that are harmful to health.

For example, 12 ounces of cranberry juice cocktail, orange soda, orange juice and, cola all have 10 teaspoons or more sugar in it.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are high in calories. The purpose of energy drinks is to consume more calories only. But if you are looking for weight loss energy drinks got to be avoided.

Energy and sports drink of 12 ounces contain ranging from 5 to 14 teaspoons of sugar.

Fruit juices and smoothies

Fruit juice supposed to be a good drink for any normal person. It is a healthy natural drink. But it can not be a good weight loss drink.

Fruit juice and smoothies contain high sugar levels. In most cases, people do add sugar while making these drinks. Orange juice, for example, contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Alcohol Drinks

Alcohol is suitable for those who want to lose weight. It has many reasons:

  • Alcohol drinks calorie-rich drinks. The white wine of 5 ounces has about 100 calories. Normal beer of 12 ounces has about 150 calories.
  • Alcohol drinks always mixed other sweetened drinks such as soda, orange juice or cola. It further adds up calories to the drink
  • Alcohol drinkers are attracted to eat junk food that is high calories and not healthy.
  • Alcohol drinking affects your metabolism and disturbs your good efforts on weight loss.

So, avoid taking alcohol if you considering weight loss.

Laxative for Weight Loss

We wish to mention here this is related to weight loss. In this modern society, youngsters are opting for laxatives for a quick weight loss. Laxatives mainly prescribed for constipation and for some digestive disorders. Using laxatives for weight loss can bring other unwanted health issues. Read the detailed article on laxatives for weight loss here.


Weight loss drinks can hugely contribute to losing weight. It does not necessarily mean weight loss drinks alone good enough to lose weight.

Weight loss drink puts an immediate stop in gaining weight. Replacing your sugar-rich drinks with low or no-carb weight loss drinks is the way forward.

If you really want to lose weight you have no choice but to change your lifestyle. It may look difficult but actually, it is much easier to do. Begin with weight loss drinks to curb weight gain and then to lose weight. Thereafter check your meal calorie levels to make your weight loss more effective. This is the easiest approach you can think of for weight loss.

Look nowhere else! Here is the best of 6 weight loss drinks recipes for you.

Last but not least take note of the drinks that should be avoided to be serious about weight loss.

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