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If you are looking for the right platform to gain exposure for your blog, then you can make use of us.

We have some exciting news for you! The Noble Home Remedies blog is looking for guest authors and contributors who have extensive knowledge of health, healthcare, and beauty. So, if you have a relevant blog/website that you would like to backlink to, we have a fantastic opportunity for you.

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Why Write for Us for Health and Beauty Articles?

Health blogs abound on the internet. The blog itself is what makes us the ideal platform for guest posting. We have painstakingly created a knowledge-sharing platform to assist our readers in understanding health tips, beauty tips and problems, diseases, illnesses, wellness, home remedies, and more. We curate content that is informative, accurate, and unique for the benefit of our readers. As a result, when you publish your post on our blog, you can expect to reach a large audience that values useful information. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for both you and our readers.

Guidelines to Submit a Guest Post With Us?

The guest posting that you send to us should adhere to the guidelines outlined below in order for us to approve it quickly:

Content length

We favor articles that are at least 1500 words long. Usually, we do this to make sure that our readers are fully informed about the subject under discussion. Additionally, articles of high quality that are longer than 1500 words work well with current search engine algorithms. Therefore, before submitting your post, make sure that it satisfies the requirements.

Content Quality:

We want our readers can access in-depth, educational content that is actually helpful. Because of this, we favor guest posts that are thoroughly researched, factual, and include in-depth information about the subject at hand. We ask our guest authors to make sure their work is reliable and excellent before submitting it. We also request to provide the researched links to support the guest posts.

Kindly avoid puffery, bluff, and repetitive information.


As our blog’s name implies, we are a wholly dedicated health and beauty remedies blog. Eager to assist readers with a range of health-related issues, including illnesses, wellness, home remedies, beauty tips, and more. Therefore we ask that you only submit guest posts that are pertinent to our blog and its categories. Anything that deviates from this will not be published, and there won’t be a response too.


The categories we cover are:

  • Natural Remedies
  • Health Benefits
  • Healthy Living
  • BeautyOral Health
  • Weight Loss


At Noble Home Remedies, we not only want to provide our readers with relevant information, but we also want to do so in the clearest manner possible. We expect all posts to be good sources of information. We also want posts to be simple enough for a layperson to read and understand. Therefore, when writing your post, be sure to avoid using jargon, fancy words, and other words that might be confusing to our readers. Pick phrases that are most appropriate for your intended audience. Ensure there are no grammar issues as well.


While we promote the use of various materials such as videos, photographs, infographics, and so on in all of your posts, you must ensure that they are relevant. Unnecessary/irrelevant media use in your content may result in rejection. Also, ensure that you possess the intellectual property rights to every media utilized, or that due attribution is given to all media used.


Search engines despise plagiarism, and so do we! We do not want any non-original stuff on our blog. Therefore, we strongly ask our guest authors to bring in content that is their own and does not violate any copyright restrictions. Content that has been copied will be deleted from our blog immediately. You may also use this plagiarism checker for this purpose.

External links

On our blog, we do not tolerate link spam. So, when you send us a post, please limit the number of backlinks to one (your blog). You can only include one external link in your content that points to a related post on your site. Backlinks and external links should not point to any random blog/post or your article will not be published.

Sales/Advertisement and Affiliate links

We only accept posts that are genuinely informative. It is totally forbidden to promote items or commercial websites through guest articles. For promotional posts or to link to any commercial website, please send us an email with the subject “Write for Us Paid” or “Submit a Guest Post Paid.”

We are not here to offer our readers items or services. Therefore, we do not allow affiliate link promotion in our guest posts because it harms our reputation. If you’d like to promote your affiliate link on our blog, send us an email with the subject “Write for Us Advertising.”


We encourage guest contributions on our blog purely to improve knowledge dissemination to our valued readers and to allow guest authors to profit from our large readership. We give you exposure to an audience base that we have tirelessly cultivated over the years when you write an article on our blog with your hyperlink. However, no monetary transactions are involved, and guest authors are expected to realize this.

Editing and Publishing time

We reserve the right to edit/format all guest pieces published on our site in order to better serve our visitors.

Every day, we receive dozens of posts from prospective guest authors on a variety of topics of interest to our readers. To fulfill the demands of our readers, posts are thoroughly reviewed and improved. This takes a significant amount of time, even for our devoted team who works relentlessly.

That is why we require a decent amount of time before publishing a post on our blog. Badging us about publishing deadlines will make it more difficult for us to move forward. As a result, we ask that all authors be patient and abstain from sending us several emails.

Post refusal/Removal

Noble Home Remedies retains the right to refuse and remove any content that does not adhere to our content guidelines or violates our policies in any manner. We have no one to answer to for such activities.

How to Submit your Guest Post?

You can give us an MS Word document containing the article you want to publish. Before sending us the final text, you can also send us ideas for the topic/subject you wish to write about. All emails should be formatted as follows and submitted to akenraj@gmail.com or NHR@gmail.com:

  • Subject
  • Topic you want to cover
  • Link to the blog/website you want to backlink

If your idea or post is suitable for our blog, we will contact you as soon as possible. Keep sending your quality posts until then.

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