Fast Tooth Pain Relief Natural Remedies

Natural Pain Relief for Toothache

Toothache pain can be controlled. But the question is how to stop tooth pain fast at home.  Before we start with natural tooth pain relief for a toothache let us understand more about the causes of a toothache.

The main causes of tooth pain generally are cavities, gum disease, tooth abscess infection, exposed roots, a loose filling, jaw joint issues, cracked teeth and etc.   A toothache sometimes can be mild or severe depending on its condition and the pain is felt in the affected tooth and or around the jaws.

Studies also have given evidence that the use of natural remedies to recover from tooth pain

Just giving you highlights of the natural remedies to stop tooth pain fast below:-

  1. Apply pepper and salt paste over the affected tooth
  2. Touch the area of the tooth pain with a cotton bud soaked in clove oil
  3. Chew a few fresh garlic cloves
  4. Keep fresh sliced onion on top of the affected tooth
  5. Gargle with lukewarm saltwater
  6. Try asafoetida helps in tooth pain and bleeding gums
  7. Apply guava leaves juice over the affected tooth
  8. Use wheatgrass juice as a mouthwash
  9. Apply vanilla extract with a cotton bud on the paining tooth
  10. Try ice cubes over the jaws and cheeks against the paining tooth.

Mostly toothache occurs in the central area tooth. It is called the pulp of the tooth which can get inflamed or irritated. The tooth pulp is where all nerves end and is a very sensitive area. The tooth pulp and the nerves cause a toothache when irritated or inflamed.

A tooth abscess is different from this kind of problem.

It is advisable to get dentist guidance to have the toothache problem resolved before it could become unbearable. Here we provide effective ways to stop tooth pain and control any infections.  If the tooth pain goes away then it is good.

Sometimes you have to visit the dentist for a permanent solution and till then these home remedies for tooth pain help reduce the pain.

the best natural pain relief for toothache - ToothAnatomy
Tooth Anatomy

How to stop tooth pain fast at home remedies

Pepper and Salt for Tooth Pain Relief

Pepper and salt have been in use for a long time by many people as the natural home remedy for tooth pain relief.   This is an amazing natural pain relief for toothache.

the best natural pain relief for toothache - pepper and salt
Tooth pain relief by pepper together with salt

Both of these ingredients have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic properties to work again toothache and give you relief from pain.

  • Make a paste by mixing an equal amount of pepper and salt with little water.
  • Apply the paste to the tooth that is causing the problem.
  • Repeat this remedy as many times as required.

Cloves for tooth pain

Clove has many properties such as antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anesthetic. These properties help to give relief from tooth pain immediately.

  • Take two cloves and grind them to powder. Mix it with some olive oil and apply it to the tooth to get pain relief.
  • Alternatively, soak the cotton ball in the clove oil and place it over the affected tooth and bite it gently to hold it.
  • Or, mix a few drops of clove oil in a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.

Garlic for tooth pain

Garlic has antibiotics and many other medicinal properties that help to reduce tooth pain effectively.

  • Crush a few garlic cloves and mixed with a little salt.
  • Apply directly on the tooth that is causing the pain.
  • You also can chew a few garlic cloves alternatively to alleviate tooth pain.

Onion gives relief from tooth pain

the best natural pain relief for toothache - chew onion
Alleviate a toothache by chewing an onion

Onion comprises antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that can control tooth pain. These properties kill the germs responsible for tooth infection and give pain relief.

When you get a toothache just try to chew raw onion slices. In a few minutes expect relief from tooth pain.

Placing a slice of raw onion directly on the affected tooth is also another way to get relief from a toothache.

Gargling Salt Water for Tooth Pain

Plain warm salt water is the easiest readily available as a natural pain relief for a toothache.  Salt kills the germs from the infected tooth and can be used as a mouthwash.

Take a ½ tablespoon of common salt and mix it with a warm glass of water.

Then rinse your mouth with this salt water. Rinse the affected area more. Salt fights bacterial infection and reduces the inflammation of the tooth pulp to calm the sensitive nerves.

Asafetida reduces tooth pain

Asafoetida is used to treat toothaches and bleeding gums as a natural home remedy.

Take 1 teaspoon of powdered asafoetida and mix with 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and heat it slightly. Then use a cotton bud and apply it directly on the affected tooth to have faster relief from the tooth pain.

You also can fry the asafoetida in the clarified butter and apply it directly on the affected tooth cavity to get immediate relief from a toothache.

Guava Leaves are good for tooth pain

Fresh leaves of Guava have antimicrobial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties which can alleviate toothache.

Pick a few guava leaves directly from the tree and chew them to produce juice. The guava leaves juice then starts to work on the affected tooth to reduce the pain and inflammation

Also, you can boil the guava leaves in little water in a pan. Let it cool a little and add some salt. Use this solution as a mouthwash to get toothache relief.

Wheatgrass Juice reduces tooth pain

the best natural pain relief for toothache - wheatgrass
natural pain relief for toothache from wheatgrass

The natural antibacterial properties of wheatgrass are capable of fighting tooth decay and help to relieve pain in the tooth.

Use the wheatgrass extract as a mouthwash every day.  It reduces tooth pain, controls the spread of infection (bacteria), and at the same time absorbs any toxins from the gums.

Simply chewing the raw wheatgrass also helps to control a toothache and keep your teeth and mouth clear of infection.

Vanilla Extract calms tooth pain

Vanilla extract has a calming effect and makes teeth numb and is another recommended home remedy.

The application is very simple, just like the other remedies. Soak the cotton swab in the vanilla extract and put it on the affected tooth.

Repeat this remedy a few times a day as necessary.

Ice Cubes assist to relieve tooth pain

Use the Ice cubes to reduce the pain and numb the nerve ends at the pulp of the tooth. This is a good tooth pain relief remedy.

Put some small ice cubes on the cotton cloth and wrapped it. Keep the ice cubes that are wrapped in a cotton cloth over the cheek where a toothache is felt. You need to note that if the nerves are exposed then this treatment can cause more pain.

Rubbing the ice cubes between the index finger and thumb is an acupressure technique to alleviate toothache. You could try this too.


Always remember that certain teeth and gum issues require treatment by a dentist. Do not hesitate to approach the dentist for a permanent fix for your toothache issue.

The remedies given above to stop tooth pain fast at home may help temporarily to do daily work and then to approach a dentist on time.

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