Home Remedies for Stomach Acidity

Home Remedies for Stomach Acidity

Stomach acidity is caused by an imbalance of acid in the stomach or when acid is produced in excess in the stomach.  Mainly hydrochloric acid is only responsible to cause stomach acidity. This acid is part of the gastric juice that breaks down the food in the digestive tract.

The stomach acidity symptoms are excess gas in the stomach, nausea, heartburn, bad breath, or stomach aches. Stomach acidity evolution is well detailed by the National Institute of Health

This is a common problem and can happen to anyone irrespective of their age.  In this article, we are discussing the best home remedies that work against stomach acidity and that give faster relief. Yet the simplest home remedy is drinking more water.

Drinking water means it will flush out excess acid from your stomach and helps to neutralize acidity.  If you have an acid stomach or frequently suffering because of stomach acidity, remember to drink warm water before going to bed and then again as you wake up in the morning.

Avoid drinking water during or immediately after a meal in order to allow food to digest properly otherwise it may end up with improper digestion leading to greater acidity.

The Causes of Stomach Acidity

The main reasons for acidity are stress, irregular eating habits, lack of physical exercise, drinking alcohol, spicy food, junk foods, and so on. These cause low PH levels in the stomach and are mostly attributed to hydrochloric acid (HCl). Hydrochloric acid helps to break down food for digestion. The excess production of hydrochloric acid causes stomach acidity in short.

Now let us look at homemade treatments that will help you recover from stomach acidity fast.

Home Remedies for Stomach Acidity

Home Remedies for Stomach Acidity - Guide

1. Cinnamon is ideal to treat stomach acidity

Cinnamon is a spice that has good digestive qualities and one of which is natural antacid quality.  It helps give you good relief from the accumulation of gas in the stomach.  It’s one of the great home remedies for stomach acidity.

Mix half a teaspoon full of cinnamon powder with a cup of water and boil the water for a minute and then let it cool down.  Then drink it three times a day to have a good effect and to get rid of acidity. Mixing cinnamon powder in any soup or salad is also a good idea.

2. Holy Basil Leaves help to relieve fast

For instant relief from nausea, gas, and acidity, basil leaves are very handy as it has carminative and soothing properties in it.

When you feel the acidity in your stomach you can just eat raw basil leaves by chewing them thoroughly in your mouth.  Alternatively, you could boil about five basil leaves in a cup of hot water for a few minutes.

Drink it after simmering for a while.  If needed can add honey to get the sweet taste.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has an acidified effect when consumed.  Hence works well in treating stomach acidity.

Mix raw apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink it twice a day. It will be good to drink before the meal for better digestion.

4. Buttermilk

Buttermilk contains lactic acid which is capable of normalizing the acid in your stomach. This is another good home remedy for stomach acidity.  You can buy Buttermilk in any supermarket in case you do not know how to make it at home.

Make a paste of fenugreek seeds by grinding one teaspoon full of water. Mix this paste with a glass of buttermilk and consume it to have a feeling of relief from stomach aches caused by acidity.

You also can drink plain buttermilk as many times as you like to get relief. If little ground coriander or black pepper can be added to plain buttermilk for best results.

5. Cloves

Sometimes low acid in the stomach can also cause acidity. Cloves are good in this case because they can increase the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and dispel the gas with its carminative effect.

Thoroughly chew about three cloves to allow their juice to be released and reach the stomach. You also can crush and eat cloves with a little bit of cardamom to help remove bad breath and acidity in the stomach.

6. Cumin Seeds

This is a very good acid neutralizer and helps to give you relief from stomach pain. Cumin seeds are also good for digestion. These seeds are considered one of the best home remedies for stomach acidity.

Pick some roasted cumin seeds, crush a little and mix in a glass of water. Drink three times a day after a meal. Cumin seeds also can be consumed by boiling in a cup of water and drinking after straining it. Drink it after your main meal.

To get better relief, cumin seeds can be taken on an empty stomach.  For this take one teaspoon full each of cumin seeds powder, coriander seeds powder, and fennel seed powder and mix it together in a half a cup of water.

Remember that this is to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning after clearing the bowels.

7. Jaggery

Jaggery helps to reduce acid in the stomach and is good for digestion.  It is freely available in normal stores or supermarkets. After every meal, eat a piece of Jaggery to reduce the acidity in your stomach.

As you know people with diabetics should not opt for this home remedy treatment.

8. Ginger

Ginger can also be used for treating stomach acidity.   This is capable of neutralizing the stomach acid and giving you relief from gas and stomach ache.

Chewing raw and fresh sliced ginger is good for getting relief from acidity.

Boil fresh ginger slices in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes. Once its water cools down, drink it.   Ginger juice also can be taken three times a day as a simple home remedy for relief.

Ginger essential oil together with lemon also provides you faster relief from stomach acidity.

9. Cold Milk

The highest antacid activity was demonstrated by cold milk which was comparable with ENO (standard) and sodium bicarbonate.

Complementary Therapies in Medicine

Cold Milk stabilizes gastric acids when taken and gives you relief.  Milk is well known for its richness in calcium.  This normally stops acid from building up in your stomach.  Just drink a glass of cold milk to control acidity in your stomach.

10. Fennel

Fennel seeds also like cumin seeds good for digestion and get relief from acidity and gas.  Just chew a few fennel seeds after your meals.

Two teaspoons full of fennel seeds also can be taken after boiling in a cup of water. Strain the water before drinking it.

Try these home remedies for stomach acidity when you get acidity symptoms for relief.  In case there is no relief in a couple of days’ time better approach a doctor.

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