Lower Back Pain Remedies

Lower Back Pain Remedies

Lower back pain actually can ruin your day and reduce your productivity. Unfortunately one cannot ignore the pain until such time it disappears. Fortunately, there are good and effective lower back pain remedies on hand to treat yourself immediately.

The best remedies for lower back pain for your quick recovery ensure your productivity of the day.


Stretch your body to get relief from the lower back pain. Stretching your body strengthens your muscles and at the same time loosens up the tensed muscles.  Importantly stretching should be gentle on your muscles.

If you feel severe pain during stretching exercise then you should stop immediately and consult a doctor. He or she will advise you on what best stretching exercise you should adopt to relieve your lower back pain.

1. Standing and stretching – lower back pain remedies

Lower Back Pain Remedies - Stretching Standing

Stand and bend forward gently at your waist. Keep your arms hanging down and legs straight as much as you can. Try to reach your toes with your fingers without straining your back. Stop at the point when the stretch is felt in the hamstring of your back. The hamstring is one of the three posterior thigh muscles that run from the back of each thigh.

2. Sitting on a chair and stretching – lower back pain remedies

Sit on a chair and keep your legs straight and stretched. Maintain this position and try to reach your toes with your fingers by bending at your waist. For more comfort, you could try one leg at a time.

3. Towel Hamstring Stretch- lower back pain remedies

To apply this method, just lie on the floor. Bring your legs upholding the towel that is tied to your feet. Here again one leg at a time can be done according to your comfort.

4. Wall Hamstring Stretch- lower back pain remedies

Lie on the floor and keep your buttocks against the wall. Now slowly straighten your legs by pushing the knees straight. Here again one leg at a time can be tried.

Fix Your Posture

Lower Back Pain Remedies - Sitting Posture

We all these days spend most of our time sitting in front of the laptop in the office or at home. This has become a lifestyle for most of us and cannot be avoided. Therefore you must ensure the right posture is maintained to avoid any lower back pain.

Always maintain correct posture while sitting on the chair to have all the bones of the spine lined up correctly. This can be achieved following a below simple guide: –

  • keeping feet flat on the floor
  • Laptop keyboard within easy reach
  • Do not lean toward the screen
  • Keep your back (spine) straight

Adjust How You Sleep

The best you could do for yourself is sleep on your back on the floor. Keeping a pillow under your feet will do good for your back.

If you sleep sideways, place a pillow between your knees. This will allow your muscles to relax more.

Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your back and therefore try to avoid it for some time.

Ask for a Massage

Massaging your back is good to have the tense muscles relaxed and relieve the pain. You could ask your partner or a friend to massage your back to make it enjoyable. The medicated ointment can be applied during massage over the affected areas. Massaging is a faster way to relieve lower back pain.

Try Rubs and Ointments

Pain rubs or balms help to relieve lower back pain.   Some well-known pain rubs brands like Tiger Balm, Icy Hot or Biofreeze are available in the supermarket. These come in various forms like ointments or sprays with a cooling sensation.

Use Epsom Salt Baths

Lower Back Pain Remedies - Epsom salt baths

Epsom salt can do wonders for lower back pain. Fill the bathtub with tepid water and add some handfuls of Epsom salt. Get into the bathtub and relax for some time.

Epsom salt along with warm water works through your skin to reach the tense muscles. Epsom salt and warm water in the bathtub are one of the best lower back pain remedies. This is much cheaper, affordable, and effective.

Another added advantage of using Epsom salt is, it is good for your skin.

Take Over-the-Counter Medicines

Use over-the-counter medicines only when experiencing severe lower back pain.  If the suggested lower back pain remedies above are not working you could opt for over-the-counter medicines.

However, strictly seek doctors’ guidance using these medicines based on your condition. This is to avoid unnecessary side effects in the long run.

Slow It Down

Physical injury is not necessarily the cause of lower back pain.  But could be because you pushing yourself too much with your work and schedules. Stress is also one of the main reasons for lower back pain.

So always keep yourself calm, and relaxed, and find breaks between your busy schedule of work to avoid back pain. This is the best among all the lower back pain remedies for you.

Chiropractic Care Method to Treat Back Pain

Chiropractic care adjustment is not a home remedy for lower back pain. But this method does not require any drugs or surgery. This is more of a spine adjustment. Read more on the benefits of chiropractic care and how it can help your back pain.

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