How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots

Firstly, take off any fears from your mind if you spot Fordyce spots on your lips or other areas. Fordyce spots are just a skin condition and it does not cause bad health condition. It is completely normal to have. Fordyce spots are painless and totally harmless. Furthermore, you can get rid of Fordyce spots on lips and other areas using simple home remedies.

It is understandable how embarrassing it is to have Fordyce spots on your lips. You tend to feel that people are looking only at your lips and not your eyes. It may challenge your confidence levels to be in public and talk to people. You may wonder whether to smile or not so as to not let others notice the Fordyce spots on your lips.

You need not unnecessarily worry about Fordyce spots. Because it is not a sign of a major disease. But it may affect your outlook and can cause cosmetic concerns. The great news is that you can use tried-out remedies to get rid of Fordyce spots naturally at home.

Let us understand a bit more about Fordyce Spots’ causes and symptoms. That will provide a better platform for us to learn the effective use of home remedies. Later in this article, we also talk about other methods of treatment as well for Fordyce spots.

What are Fordyce spots?

Fordyce spots are the whitish or pale yellowish tiny bumps that appear at the edge of the lips. Each spot is very small in size about 1 to 5mm in diameter. Fordyce spots are the enlarged oil glands (sebaceous glands) in the wrong places of the skin.

The sebaceous oil glands produce sebum and are normally positioned within hair follicles. The sebaceous glands that are without hair follicles are the ones known as Fordyce spots.

Sebum secretion in ectopic sebaceous glands causes inflamed Fordyce spots. It is how it becomes more visible over the surrounding skin. The accumulation of sebum also attracts bacteria and contributes to inflamed Fordyce spots.

About 80% of adults have visible sebaceous glands without hair follicles. People do have these glands from birth. It becomes bigger from adulthood onwards. These glands can be seen easily by scratching the skin. The male-to-female ratio having Fordyce spots is approximately 2:1.

Fordyce spots also have other names such as:

  • Fordyce granules,
  • Fordyce glands, and
  • Enlarged sebaceous glands

Areas where Fordyce Spots may Occur

The most common areas where Fordyce spots occur are the edge of your lips. It can also occur inside the cheeks. This is common for men and women.

The other areas for Fordyce spots to occur are the glans and shaft of the penis in men. Some women may get Fordyce spots on vag lip. The occurrence of Fordyce spots in the genitals is not so common.

The Fordyce spots can be seen in isolated spots, in clusters, or in scattered bumps in those areas of the body.

Listen to Dr. Reagan Anderson, and what he says about Fordyce Spots:

Dr. Reagan Anderson is Board Certified Dermatologist and a Mohs Micrographic Surgeon – On Fordyce Spots

What Causes Fordyce Spots?

The Fordyce spots are the ectopic sebaceous glands. So far it is not very clear what causes Fordyce spots. Some studies say that Fordyce spots occur due to hormonal imbalance. It may even start to form from the time of embryo formation in the womb.

Technically, we could say, sebaceous glands in the wrong place cause Fordyce spots. Safely, we can say it does not cause any illness or disease. Absolutely, no associated health risks with Fordyce spots are experienced.

Natural Home Remedies for Fordyce Spots

These natural remedies are effective and safe to use for curing Fordyce spots. So why look elsewhere but try these best remedies at home for Fordyce spots?

Natural remedies to get rid of Fordyce Spots using apple cider vinegar, garlic, argan oil, virgin coconut oil and jojo oil
Fordyce spots Natural Remedies

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been in use for ages to treat skin infections and keep them moisturized and healthy. It has a great emollient effect on the skin. It works well in healing Fordyce spots.

The processed virgin coconut oil works even better on Fordyce spots. Because of its biological effects of anticancer, antimicrobial, analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Virgin coconut oil has great medical qualities. Such qualities are non-irritant, skin hydration, skin protection, and skin barrier functions. All these contribute to removing Fordyce spots naturally and fast.

Also, virgin coconut oil restricts bacteria growth in the sebum of sebaceous glands. So, it’s an added protection for the skin and prevents the formation of Fordyce spots.

The application is very simple. Just apply a few drops of virgin coconut oil over the affected areas. Apply twice a day for the best results.

You may add lavender essential oil to coconut oil to make it more effective. Lavender essential oil is antibacterial. This essential oil is also a traditional medicine for many bacterial skin conditions.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

The Health benefits of apple cider vinegar are enormous including curing Fordyce spots. Apple cider vinegar is an all-natural cure for Fordyce spots.

The toner effect of apple cider vinegar tightens the skin. As a result, the accumulated sebum gets released from the skin. It reduces Fordyce spots on the skin much faster.

All you need is 1 part of apple cider vinegar and 2 parts of water. Mix the ingredients on the lips or affected areas with Fordyce spots. Leave it for a while for it to dry off. Then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat every day till the Fordyce spots disappear.

3. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is mainly used for treating acne skin and other skin problems. It is one of the great facial oils that slow down skin aging and at the same time make skin healthy and glowing. Jojoba oil does not evaporate, so lasts long. It balances natural oil production and provides all-day protection to the skin.

Jojoba oil also has a similar composition to sebum. Thereby it makes the skin stop producing sebum from sebaceous glands. The excess sebum production only causes the formation of inflamed Fordyce spots. Thus, jojoba oil becomes ideal to control Fordyce spots.

Take a few drops of jojoba oil on the tip of your index finger and apply over Fordyce spots on your lips. The best time to apply is before going to bed and leaving as it is overnight. Keep applying for about a week every day to see the results.

4. Argan Oil

The Moroccan native argan oil is famous for centuries. It has been in use for cosmetic, culinary, and medicinal purposes. The oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree. It is rich in anti-inflammatory, nutrient, and antioxidant compounds.

The use of argan oil is one of the best natural ways to get rid of Fordyce spots. Argan oil is a good moisturizer. Its rich linoleic acid content helps to clear extra sebum under the skin.

Argan oil is also effective in skin-lightening, acne reductive, and moisture-retentive. It is a good toner too on the skin. These qualities make argan oil the best choice for curing Fordyce spots.

Apply a few drops of argan oil with your fingertips over the Fordyce spots on your lips and elsewhere. Keep repeating every day for a week for the best results.

5. Garlic

This herb garlic has significant clinical potential to treat many disorders. It is a specialist and natural remedy for Fordyce spots skin conditions. This is because of the allicin, the principal bioactive compound of garlic. When the garlic is chopped and crushed it releases allicin.

The bioactive compound allicin is antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal. This nature of allicin helps treat several types of ailments. The antibacterial effect kills bacteria that cause acne skin. It also improves blood circulation and assists in reducing inflammation. The outcome is the skin receives all the necessary nutrients needed to be healthy.

Drink one teaspoon of garlic water every day in the morning. If possible, drink after meals also. Meaning you can drink three times a day. You will see quicker results in days.

Also, look for increasing your garlic intake in meals and juice. It will be a great idea to drink garlic-rich juice before going to bed.

Orally taking garlic juice is one of the best ways to get rid of Fordyce spots on the shaft and glans naturally.

How to make Garlic Water?

Making garlic water is a very simple process. It takes only a few minutes.


  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 cup of water (200ml)
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice


  1. Chop and crush garlic cloves
  2. Blend it well with the cup of water
  3. Add lemon juice and mix it well

Adding lemon juice is to give you a good flavor.

6. Essential Oils

Essential oils are capable of easing various diseases and conditions. Essential oils cure coughs, mental illness, and skin conditions, and so on. Certain types of essential oils work well for the removal of Fordyce spots.

You can make a blend of essential oils to work together against Fordyce spots such as:

Benzoin Oil – helps to relieve soreness and dryness of the lips.
Tea tree Oil – is an antimicrobial agent. Helps to kill invaded microbes in the Fordyce spots.
Cabreuva Oil – speeds up healing and prevents scars on the skin.

Blend three drops of each of these oils over the Fordyce spots on your lips. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Olive oil is a carrier oil. It is important to add any one carrier oil to reduce the strength of the essential oils.

Allow it to dry for about 5 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. You may repeat it twice a day. If you have sensitive skin, make essential oils blend without benzoin oil.

Medical Treatments for Fordyce Spots

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Fordyce spots are not a health concern to worry about. It does not cause pain and it is harmless. The issue is it can affect your look and self-confidence.

There are different types of medical treatments used by cosmetic physicians. Here are a few updates on each of the treatments.

Laser Therapy: This may leave some scars on your lips. Dermatologists may choose different wavelengths and carbon dioxide lasers to treat Fordyce spots.

Topical Applications for Fordyce Spots

1. Tretinoin Gel or Cream

Dermatologists may use Tretinoin gel as Fordyce spots cream to treat Fordyce spots. The tretinoin gel can be applied directly to the affected areas.

Tretinoin gel is a medication in use for treating acne, sun-affected skin, and wrinkles. This gel works well on Fordyce spots as well.

2. Bichloracetic Acid

A case report was published in 2008 on the effective Bichloracetic acid on Fordyce spots. According to the case study, Fordyce sports healed in 5 days. Refer to the sources section of this article if you want to have a glimpse of the case study report.

3. Micro-Punch Surgery

This is a procedure of removing the tissues from affected lips or genital areas of the skin. This is a painful procedure so local anesthesia may be applied. But this is claimed to be a complete procedure to get rid of Fordyce spots. No side effects or scars are experienced after the micro-punch surgery.

4. Use of Blistex Lip Balm

Some claim using Blistex lip balm helps to reduce Fordyce spots in corner of lips. It is an emollient used to prevent dry skin. Blistex may contain products to treat acne, cold sores, and chapped lips. We do not have any authenticated proof of this.

5. How to Get Rid of Fordyce spots with Toothpaste?

People are looking for a toothpaste solution for Fordyce spots on their lips. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as that toothpaste can remove Fordyce spots from the lips. Dr. Morris Westfried says in the Health Tap that toothpaste cannot heal Fordyce spots.

Fordyce Spots Prevention Tips

The first step is maintaining good hygiene in the affected areas such as lips and genitals. Clean regularly and maintain good hygiene.

  • Always keep your lips hydrated. Having said that, avoid licking your lips often. This is to prevent microorganisms from reaching the lips from the mouth.
  • Choose to drink sour fruit juices like lemon and orange.
  • Increase the intake of vitamins in your diet. Eating more vitamin-rich green leafy vegetables and fruits helps.
  • You may choose to take vitamin supplements to increase your vitamin intake. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K play vital roles in reducing Fordyce spots.
  • Avoid touching your lips with your fingers. The gems on your fingers may worsen the Fordyce spots on the lips.
  • Stop using chemical lips products if you notice white or pale-yellow spots on your lips. This way you can avoid skin conditions getting worse.
  • Use sunscreens if you have to be exposed to prolonged hours of sunlight.


The good news is that Fordyce spots are not a health condition to worry about. The concerns linger around your appearance because of Fordyce spots on the lips. It may affect your look and self-confidence.

The Fordyce spots occur mainly in the areas of lips, inside cheeks, and genital areas. They are harmless and painless. It is tiny and white or pale yellow in color.

Natural remedies are ideal to get rid of Fordyce spots. Yet some opt for medical treatments.

First of all, clearly identifying that they are Fordyce spots. It should not be misunderstood for Fordyce spots. Then try the natural remedies for Fordyce spots.

Monitor carefully over time. If it spreads more do not hesitate to consult your doctor. This is to ensure the skin condition is actually the Fordyce spots and not something.

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How do you get rid of Fordyce spots naturally?

The natural way to get rid of Fordyce spots is to use herbal medicine at home. You could use apple cider vinegar, garlic, essential oils, jojoba oil, or argan oil. Click here to see how to use these herbal medicines in detail.

What causes Fordyce spots?

This is believed due to the hormonal changes causing ectopic sebaceous glands. The right place for sebaceous glands is the hair follicles. The sebaceous without hair follicles causes Fordyce spots. Yet these are harmless and do not cause any pain. For more details check on how to get rid of Fordyce spots naturally.

What happens if you pop Fordyce spots?

Popping or squeezing does not clear Fordyce spots from the skin. You have to try home remedies or take medical treatment to get rid of Fordyce spots.

Are Fordyce spots STD?

Fordyce spots are not a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It begins from the growth of the embryo and positions itself without the hair follicles.
Read this article to get a clear picture of the causes and symptoms. Also, how to get rid of Fordyce spots naturally and with medical treatments.