How to Kill Heavy Mind and Feel Good

Heavy Mind - Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

The first question is what is life? It is hard to explain. Our society is made of many beliefs. People believe in various things. Their belief is according to what makes them feel comfortable. Everyone’s life is made on that. Is this life? Not exactly! States of mind keep changing. A heavy mind kills slowly. Heavy minds caused by anxiety and stress are poison.

So, now the question changed. The question is what is a better life? I think a better life is having good feelings in mind at all times. Irrespective of the situations you are in in your life. It is immaterial what you have or possess. Let it be knowledge or wealth. If you are feeling great mind then you are on the right track. It will set the track to gain a lot more knowledge and wealth in life with no pain.

Those who believe in good things feel good all the time. Those who believe in the opposites always feel waver in their mind. They say they are not sure what is right and not. Most of the time they live with a heavy mind. Some uneasiness in the mind all the time. It is a disturbing feeling. Surely no one likes that feeling. Is it stress and anxiety?

What is positive thinking?

In life, we have positive and negative thoughts. How to define positive and negative thoughts? Whatever you think is good for you is a positive thought. Whatever you think is bad for you are negative thoughts. Good and bad differ from person to person. It all depends on every individual’s beliefs.

Nutritionists say what you eat, is what you become. It is so true our body and health are made of what we eat. Our body reflects it. Similarly what we believe or think is what our personality becomes.

  • If you believe you are smart you feel smart irrespective of how you look.
  • If you believe you “think smart” you reflect smartness in your thinking and ideas.
  • If you believe you are a good speaker, you speak great. At least you feel that.
  • If you believe you are intelligent you behave like an intelligent person.

I can keep on saying more things like this with positive thinking. For negativity, I can say similar to the above but just the opposite. I am sure you would have already experienced it in life.

Everyone says that positive thinking makes you energetic and gives you will power to do more. But I look at it a bit differently. Positive thinking gives you good feelings in mind. Good feelings make you energetic and give you more willpower. It makes you a pleasant person to yourself and others.

A good feeling in your mind lets you have a smooth life. It allows you to achieve most of the things you wanted in life. It allows you to change the direction of your life as and when needed. It allows you to accept the reality of life fast and settle.

What is the right mindset?

It is again all about feeling good in mind. Many so-called gurus say that you should always have the right mindset. Thinking right is the right mindset. Life is good for those who think right.

Now, what is that right mindset or thinking right? It’s simple. If you feel good in your mind then you are thinking right. So, think in a way that makes you feel good. It is all in yourself.

Examples of Feeling Good in Mind

Paying the school tuition fees for a boy from a poor family. The thought of helping a child’s future gives great feelings in our minds.

Helping an elderly person to climb stairs holding his hand on our way back from work. It is a belief of many that helping an elderly person is a blessing. Again, a super feeling in our mind by helping.

Dropping a coin to a roadside beggar as I walked past him. The little help I was able to afford then. It is a nice feeling to have contributed to someone’s meal.

It was raining heavily. Sharing my umbrella with a stranger. Saving him from getting wet, and ill, and making him go home early. What a great feeling to have helped a stranger.

Helping a student who is struggling with mathematics. Telling him, we are going to spend time after school hours learning mathematics. Wow, the feeling was great to see how the student’s face turned bright. It is not easy to forget his bright face for a long time.

These are very simple examples of life. I am sure you can make your real-life examples too. Helping people in small or big ways is the best one to feel good.

Examples of Feeling Good in Mind Through Revenge?

Now let us see more examples from a different angle:

One guy ridiculed another and everyone in the room laughed. He did it purposely because the other day he was ridiculed by the same person. He felt relieved that he managed to do the same for him. It is a good feeling for him.

Lending some money to a friend. The friend needed the money urgently and promised to return in a week. Weeks and months passed there were no signs of getting the money back.

Our friend comfortably forgot that he had borrowed money. So, how to get the money back? Play the same trick on him. Ask him if he forgot to bring the money today to pay my tuition fees. The friend gives money to you. Walking away with money and a smile on my face with no intention of returning to him. Nice feeling again in mind.

My colleague forgot to greet me in the morning. I decided to ignore him the next day. The following day when he walked in I ignored him. Some nice feelings in mind.

Likewise, if someone did not wish you your birthday you also end up doing the same to him. On that day, you feel good. You also can feel good for not wishing on someone’s birthday.

These examples are more of taking soft revenge on people. But it generates a kind of happiness in your mind and your mind settles. It is trying to the mind back in better shape through actions. Here actually I am not trying to promote taking revenge. Trying to explain the mental status. You can forgive and feel good too.

Here we analyzed two sets of characters. Being happy by helping or taking soft revenge. Both put the person’s mind in better shape.

There are many ways to feel good. You can watch a movie, enjoy food at a restaurant or home, listen to your favorite songs or music, buy a car or a house, complete today’s tasks, achieve small things in life, and so on.

Benefits of Feeling Good in Mind

Let us now see the positives of feeling good. Here are the benefits of feeling good but aren’t limited to:

In the above examples, everyone wants to feel good mind at any given time. So, here comes the main ingredient of this article. It is yes you guessed it right. It is Feeling Good in Mind is What Life is All About. If you ask me how to have a good life then my answer is feeling good in my mind all the time. Or at least most of the time of life and that is a good life.

  • you are energized
  • your brain works well
  • you are active
  • you feel happy
  • your mind and body are relaxed
  • you feel pleasant
  • you are focused
  • Improves your good mood
  • Clearer thinking
  • Sense of calmness and inner peace
  • Reduced your depression
  • Reduces your anxiety
  • Increases your self-esteem
  • Improves relationships
  • Many best times of your life

There are more secrets to the way our body functions. I wish you read about the good and boosting effects of oxytocin hormone in our brain because of the positives of life.

In life, we undergo various situations good and bad. Good times are good because your mind feels good. Bad, times mean you tend to suffer in your mind. It is a heavy mind that makes you so uncomfortable. It is also a troubled mind.

Should we look at some examples of such situations? No need, I guess. I think you all know such situations in life. Hence, I am not listing them here.

Impact of Feeling Bad or Down in Mind – Stress and Anxiety

Let us take little courage to see what are the impacts when you are down:

  • low in energy
  • lack of appetite
  • low in mood
  • lethargic in everything you do
  • no happiness
  • no interest in new things
  • no interest in self-development and
  • no interest in anything

These states of mind are often referred to as depression, stress, anxiety, worries, and sadness by experts.

The Reality of Ups and Downs of Life

We all know life has ups and downs. This is the rule of the planet and inevitable. All have to go through these ups and downs in life.

Going through the “ups” is no problem. Everyone likes “ups” in life. In this state of mind, there is no pain and no struggle but only enjoyment.

What about the latter one, the “downs”? Going through the “downs” of your life. When you are down, stress and anxiety build up in your mind.

People often say why this is happening only to me. The answer is very simple. People do not feel or have pain when it happens to other people. Only when they go through a patch of life, do they ask this question? They even refuse to see the worse situations of others.

The point here is there is no escape. All have to go through patches at some other time in life. It may occur from birth for some or at different stages of life. There are unlimited situations that vary from person to person. Here are a few that may start from birth:

  • Born in a very poor family – Limited resources for growth and development.
  • Born deformed
  • Born in the royal family and not the eldest – Meaning you can never become a king. Unless the elder brother dies. Always treated the second important person. It is a painful feeling.
  • Born to the criminal – Seen as a son of a criminal.

So, how to overcome this problem? Keep reading!

Do You Have a Good Ambiance at Work?

In this modern fast-moving world only a handful of people may have a great workplace ambiance. Goals, targets, and deadlines are the words most used in the workplace. The main triggers of stress are tension, anxiety, and depression.

Once I asked my family doctor. I am stressed and tense at work. I tend to get tired fast. At times simple tasks look difficult to me. How can I work free of stress and tension? Please do not tell me to find another job.

My family doctor smiled at me and gave me a clever answer. He said, “It is all how you take it. It is we who build tensions and stress within ourselves”. He also advised me to try some yoga, gym, or meditation to get rid of my heavy mind.

I have been thinking a lot about what my family doctor told me. “It is all how you take it”. He was right. His remarks were telling me to have the right mindset. But how? Keep reading!

Getting Rid of Heavy Mind – Anxiety and Stress

Deep in my mind what was primarily bothering me was the heavy mind I get from stress and tension from work. I had been thinking, what if I could feel normal despite stress and tension? I know it’s a funny thought. Because feeling normal means there is no stress or tension in mind.

Changing my present job is not an option. Wherever we go mostly we will work in a similar ambiance. So somehow, I want to get rid of the heavy mind that keeps me bothered all the time.

Like, everyone, I also started google in search of a solution. I read many articles on fitness, yoga, mental health, meditation, and so on. There was so much information from many qualified and experienced people. All were advocating how to get rid of anxiety, stress, tension, depression, fear, worries, etc. I kept reading from all possible different angles to find a solution.

Eventually, my little research did help me find one thing in common. That is nothing but shortness of breath. It is the culprit. Our breath is shorter and faster whenever we are stressed or tense. At times it goes to the extent of no breathing at all for a short time. We are just holding on to our breath and forgetting to release it.

All the gurus say so many things to fight the negativity with their write-ups and programs. Those all were really good stuff. But the end state of all these is to get back to normal breathing.

  • Yoga – relaxes your muscles and mind and makes you breathe normally.
  • Meditation – calm you and you begin to breathe normally.
  • Fitness or Gym – you may wonder how far it is true in this case. You exhaust yourself so much physically. In the end, you are naturally forced to relax and calm yourself. That leads you to get back to normal breathing.

So, what needs to be achieved is, anytime, at any place, or in any situation trying to breathe normally. Slow breathing is medicine. Slow breathing is the superfood for depression. It makes you take control of your mind. You will not panic, fear, or worry.

Now the next question is how to achieve it. Keep reading!

Help of Mindfulness

Everybody talks about mindfulness these days. The hot topic. All corporates even encourage their employees to get themselves trained in mindfulness.

What is mindfulness? Being mindful of what you are thinking is mindfulness.

Positive and good thinking causes no problems for us. We have nothing to worry about. But, imagine if your mind is locked up in negative thinking. You are inviting trouble. You end up just thinking the same over and over again like a broken record. It only causes more pain and leads to a heavy mind.

Here mindfulness becomes very useful. You will recognize or realize that your mind is locked up on one thought. You should try and get out of it as fast as possible.

When you practice mindfulness and you feel down you will notice the short breaths in you. This is the moment you need to take action and get your breathing back to normal.

Nature works beautifully in our bodies. You may have noticed when you are feeling down, you suddenly take a deep breath. Then you release it with a sound. Our body in a natural way is trying to get relief from the heavy mind. This is a great gift from nature to mankind.

Here is the point. Use the nature-given gift. Become mindful and start taking deep breaths, hold them for a while, and release them slowly.

Mindfully, taking deep breaths helps you. It puts you on normal breathing mode from short and fast breathing mode. You will achieve slow breathing. You begin to feel better again in your mind. The heavy mind slowly disappears.

Breathing better does not mean our problems are gone away. They are there still there. But our mind is now relaxed and able to focus on things. It helps to address the issues with a clear mind. Your panic and fear fade away.

Impact of Heavy Mind Before Falling Asleep at Night

There were days I used to have a heavy mind at night. It takes a while for me to get sleep. When I sleep, I wake much earlier than usual. The time I woke up used to be like 2 am, 3 am, or 4 am. Frustrating, isn’t it? It frustrates me further because the mind starts all over again. Exactly from where I left my mind before falling asleep. The sleep has anyway not done any good for me.

I became mindful and started my magic formula. After I woke up early, I took deep breaths until I fell asleep or till dawn. Most of the time I went back to sleep. It helped me a lot with a fresh start in the morning. I did not feel that heavy mind in the morning. This is exactly what I was yearning for. It did happen.

Let us go a few steps further!

Practicing Deep Breathing Reduces Anxiety and Heavy Mind

So, now we know that deep breathing helps. So, what if we practice deep breathing regularly? Why not use the gift of nature in our favor?

Deep breathing exercise makes your system or body forget what are short breaths. Regular practice makes you breathe better all the time. You will feel energized. Make you have clarity in mind.

This could be the reason why there is so much demand for deep breathing training today. Many wellness centers, yoga centers, and other similar organizations have breathing exercises in their programs. Also, the breathing exercise is the main part or integral part of the program.

How to Do Deep Breathing Exercises

Let the deep breathing exercises be part of your daily routine. The beauty is you can do it anytime, anywhere, and any number of times. I highly recommend doing it early in the morning. It will recharge you, calm you, and bring clarity to your mind. It helps you to face your day confidently and full of energy.

  • Sit in a quiet and calm place.
  • Keep your hand on your knees.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Relax your shoulders and chest in a little raised position.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply with your nose.
  • Hold your breath for a short while like for 4 seconds
  • Exhale slowly through your nose

Repeat the breathing exercises for about 5 to 10 minutes or as much as you like. When you are stuck with a heavy mind or anxiety, repeat the exercise until you feel better.

Experts say for some exhaling through the mouth with the sound is more effective. Use that suits you.

You can do this breathing in any position. Standing, sitting, lying down. Depending on where you are and when you want to do it. Regular breathing exercise stabilizes slow breathing.

Final Thoughts: New Dimension for What is Life?

Answering the question of what is a better life? Now I have a new dimension to look at. During good times, it’s so cool and the mind is great. So, enjoy it.

The time of patches of life is the time you need to address your mind. Be mindful and get rid of the heavy mind quickly. Better regularly practice your deep breathing exercises. Then chances are you will not even know anything about a heavy mind. You may wonder what are stress and anxiety.

Another positive impact is it will keep you healthy. It also protects you from falling ill.

I am really happy to share my personal experience here. How I managed to emerge from the heavy mind feeling that kills.

I request subject area professionals to comment and shed more light to help our readers.

Sharing is caring. Readers kindly share this article with your friends and dear ones. I hope they also benefit from this. If it is working for me why not for others? – thank you.

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